How everything started

Six jazz-mad amateur musicians founded a band called " TheSwinging Oldies" in 1976. Within the next five years, some of the founders changed and new jazzmen came up with new ideas. This changed our musical identity. With a new Band name, the new image found its expression: Since 1982, we have been known as "Limehouse Jazz Band".

From the history of the Limehouse Jazzband

Our experience highlights include:

  • A television appearance at the studios of the NDR
  • Foreign tours through Holland and Sweden
  • Kieler Woche in Laboe
  • Hafenfest in Hörnum on Sylt
  • On the ferry to Trelleborg, Sweden
  • Schleswig-Holstein Amateur Jazz Festivals (in several locations)
  • ArtMontan Festivals in Markersbach (Erzgebirge)
  • The Jazzwalk in Hamburg
  • Kiwanis Jazz Festivals in Bad Schwartau

We are most often to be heard in the typical jazz clubs in and around Hamburg:

  • The Rotbuche
  • Jazzforum Bergedorf
  • The Fabrik
  • The Riff Club
  • The Cotton Club ...

And again and again, we are invited to play at many events, including schools, sports clubs, dance clubs, companies, car salesrooms, banks, hotels, shopping centres, city festivals and district festivals.

We have also "swung" at many private celebrations (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, divorces) and commercial events.

That's life!